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– Frequently Asked Questions 

Interledgerswap is a simple and fast instant cryptocurrency exchange service. You do not need to register, and your exchange will have no limits. We’ll quickly convert more than 170 coins for you without charging any additional or hidden fees.

Interledgerswap is integrated into multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms, including Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, OKEx, and Kucoin. At the moment of the trade, we’ll choose the best exchange rate on the market at any given moment and offer it to you. We all remember FTX and his collapse that’s why we integrated engine to 5 strongest markets. If collapse happened to those 5 markets, probably whole crypto market will be dead than, not just InterLedgerSwap.

Created by a team of experienced blockchain developers, is a fully secure service with a twist — we’re completely registration-free. This allows our clients to avoid identification or financial theft. We offer the best rates on the market, as we use reliable cryptocurrency trading platform.

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  • Solve relying ok cenralize exchanges that limit withdrawals, transfers, and avoid regulations.
  • Swap crypto to crypto wordwide into any external wallet. (We do not hold your crypto it’s automatic swap in investor wallet)
  • Low fees, each fee is based on per swap.
  • No login account needed, and no KYC. Users can swap crypto anonymously.
  • Our swap has all the coins that has liqudity.
  • Each transaction little of 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the token is being swapped.
  • Our XLS token has liqudity, that backed by utility providing crossboard payment worldwide and partneredship with institutions, banks and investors.
  • Fully Decentralized and are always growing our team and project to solve issues with our paper money. Which is highly inflated.
  • Our exchange does not allow mistakes, because it simply does not let you proceed if you enter the wrong address or the wrong network. However, check which network you are trading on before you make an trade.

Here is the 14 best hard wallets to store your BEP-20 (BSC) tokens including Interledgerswap – XLS token. Anyway we recommend the most Ledger Nano X. Remember to always buy hardwallet from official sites and never from second hand or non officail sites of product.

Buy Crypto With Fiat

Yes, you can buy cryptocurrency with a USD/EUR card. This feature is brought to you by our third-party partner service, Simplex.

This feature is brought to you by our partner, Simplex. Simplex chargers 5% for each purchase (at least $10). InterLedgerSwap charges 0,4% for such purchases. The network fees are applied as usual depending on the currency.

It is a requirement of our crypto purchase provider, Simplex. The amount is chosen based on the network fees and some extra expenses that they cover for you.

Yes, there are some. The purchase must be up to $20000; the daily purchase limit is $20000 and the monthly purchase limit is $50000 per person.

This is the solution that we’ve come up with to provide our customers with a wider range of the coins that you can buy with a bank card — as our provider Simplex supports fewer currencies for direct purchase. We are disclosing this, so you have a better understanding of what fees are charged during the transaction.

Your card must comply with the requirements of our purchase provider, Simplex: the card must be issued by VISA or MasterCard. It may be a pre-paid (make sure to check if your pre-paid card is eligible for crypto-related purchases). Wire transfers, American Express and Discover cards are not accepted.

Yes, you can. There are several requirements from our fiat purchase provider, Simplex: your pre-paid card must be eligible for international transactions; it must be enrolled to the 3DSecure program; your pre-paid card issuer must allow cryptocurrency-related transactions.


In that case traders should contact their banks.

Some banks send code to traders to confirm the transaction.


The crypto market is subject to a number of certain rules and regulations which make it mandatory for most crypto services to have the AML/KYC procedure implemented.

InterLedgerSwap strives to protect our clients from any type of scams and fraudulent activities in the crypto world and complies to all rules and regulations present at the moment, and one of the ways that enables us to do so is the KYC/AML procedure.

This procedure confirms the absolute legality of the transaction carried out by you before the regulatory institutions. Thus, you confirm that you are a law-abiding citizen and the state has no reason to address any claims towards you.

InterLedgerSwap’s AML/KYC procedure is supported by an automated risk prevention system. If a transaction is marked suspicious by this system, the exchange is put on hold and the customer in question is then asked to confirm their identity.

There is a certain set of criteria that the system employs; however, they can’t be made public, otherwise there will be people who will try to abuse those criteria in order to cheat the algorithm.

This system has proven to be very useful against money launderers and scammers, since the KYC process allows us to tell an honest customer apart from a scammer very quickly and without any trouble.

Each KYC case is handled individually. If a certain client is eligible for the procedure since their transaction had been marked as suspicious, they will have a special status update on the exchange page along with a Verify button; the button will lead to our KYC provider SumSub’s verification tool.

InterLedgerSwap is partnered with a KYC provider called SumSub. In order to get your identity verified, you will be offered to follow SumSub’s link (it will be under the Verify button) and complete the verification through a comfortable and smooth UI. You will have 3 days to complete the verification procedure, and if you don’t want to pass KYC, you can refuse (in that case, please shoot a message to and receive a refund.

After InterLedgerSwap has received the confirmation of you having passed the KYC procedure from SumSub, the exchange is completed, and the exchanged funds are then sent to the specified recipient wallet address.

We do everything in our power to maintain our reputation as a legitimate, law-abiding exchange service that can be safe for use by anyone, be it a regular person who doesn’t deal with crypto much or an experienced trader or miner; therefore, InterLedgerSwap reserves the right to apply the KYC/AML procedure to certain clients, wallet addresses and select assets.

InterLedgerSwap doesn’t support any money-laundering or other illegal activities; therefore, the service doesn’t enter any business agreements with individuals or business entities involved or suspected in such activities. Therefore, if a customer’s funds are suspected of illegal activities, the KYC procedure will be a little different – in that case, our support team will let you know.

In case a client doesn’t wish to disclose their identity for certain reasons and refuses to provide the documents, the KYC/AML procedure is considered failed and the deposited funds are then refunded to the address (or addresses) the deposit was made from, subtracting the network fees, within 24 hours. Then, InterLedgerSwap reserves the right to blacklist this address (or addresses), thus rendering it (or them) non-eligible for making deposits on the service.

In case a client submits a false set of documents, the KYC/AML procedure is considered failed and the deposited funds are then refunded to the address (or addresses) the deposit was made from, subtracting the network fees, within 24 hours. Then, InterLedgerSwap reserves the right to blacklist this address (or addresses), thus rendering it (or them) non-eligible for making deposits on the service.

Please bear in mind that InterLedgerSwap reserves the right to submit all the received materials to legal authorities (Interpol, Europol, and others) in case a corresponding request is received. You can read the official InterLedgerSwap’s Rules of Anti-Money Laundering and Combating The Financing Terrorism compliance control here.

Email is required to open an account at Premium Lounge to get access to more features with

If you want to purchase crypto with USD, EUR or any fiat currency, you will need to enter your email address on the side of our third-party partners, Guardarian and Simplex.

The procedure for processing and protecting your data takes place entirely on the side of our third-party partner, Sum & Substance (also called as ‘Sumsub’). Sumsub adheres to the principles of personal data protection as envisaged in the EU GDPR and UK GDPR. It is an industry-leading compliance solution for safer Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.

If you’re the victim of theft and you suspect that stolen funds have been transferred to a InterLedgerSwap deposit address, you must open a support ticket and provide us with the following information:

  • A detailed description of how and when the theft happened.
  • A list of all the blockchain transactions and addresses involved in the process (with clickable links).
  • The Information about the initiated proceedings with the local or international Law Enforcement.

If there is substantial evidence that suggests the funds were indeed stolen, ChaneNow will do its best to temporarily freeze the assets. During the process, the police or Law Enforcement must provide us with a report on the ongoing case within 14 days after you submitted a support ticket.

Kindly note that we will be able to return frozen funds only per request of a Law Enforcement Authority. The request should have a clear intent to return the funds and have the information about the transaction in question.

The hard copy of the request should be sent to our postal address: Newtonlaan 115, Utrecht, 3584 BH, Netherlands. Please send a digital copy of the request to before sending the hard one.

Please note that the transaction might be stopped after the trading stage, depending on the time the report about stolen funds was received. In such cases, we will be able to return the funds in the asset to which the exchange was made (to-currency).

Cryptocurrency Exchange Process

The processing speed ranges from about two to twenty minutes, depending on how long it takes for a block to happen in the network. Most orders process in just a few minutes. If the transaction is large (more than 1 BTC or equivalent), processing it may take a little longer, depending on the size of your transaction and the capacity of the block. We boast the highest exchange speeds on the market thanks to our revolutionary trading algorithms.

Cryptocurrency wallet address is a unique combination of numbers and letters ranging from 26 to 35 characters in length. It usually looks something like this: 17bkZPLB4Wn6F347PLZBR34ijhzQDUFZ4ZC.

When you decide which crypto coin you would like to acquire, find a reliable wallet. Each cryptocurrency has an official one. When you create a wallet, you automatically get an address and a private key. Keep your private key to yourself and don’t show it to anyone, even if they ask. For security reasons, we will never ask you for your private keys and nobody should.

If you want to buy a cryptocurrency, you need to have it sent to a specific crypto wallet. Each coin has its own one. The recipient address is your wallet, to which your crypto is transferred after the exchange.

Transaction hash (also referred to as “TX”) is the unique identification code that registers every transaction in the blockchain. This unique code allows you to verify its status and validity in the blockchain.

Blockchain operations are irreversible. If the funds are sent, the transaction cannot be canceled by anyone. Therefore, thoroughly check all the payment details before sending funds to anyone, including us or anyone else.

We take up to 6.5% commission for each trade.

There is no upper limit for cryptocurrency exchanges on However, there are lower limits: they are different for each coin and range from ~$1.7 to $20. We’re working on lowering the minimal exchange amounts for all the coins available on If the deposit you’ve sent us is less than the minimum exchange amount, we will not be able to finish the exchange and guarantee a refund.

If you send in an asset that is not supported on (full list of supported assets is available here), unfortunately, we won’t be able to guarantee a refund. Please keep this in mind to make sure your funds are safe at all times.

The expected rate is the rate at this exact moment. You must understand that it takes some time to send the deposit and confirm the transaction so, with the market volatility, you might get a bit less or more than you thought you would.

A fixed rate crypto exchange is an exchange performed at the same rate which is displayed to the client at the beginning of an exchange, regardless of subsequent rate fluctuations.

In some cases, fixed-rate exchanges have lower rate but the opposite is also possible.

During the classic flow, each transaction may have its own unique exchange rate because of rate fluctuations, market conditions, and network fees. The rate might change at any moment; as a result, you might receive more or less than you thought you would.

Implementing fixed rate exchanges leads us to lay down a small reserve to guarantee your safety from exchange rate fluctuations. It’s included into the rate you will see at the beginning of the exchange, no other fees included.

Because of the rate risks we take, the fixed rate may differ from the classic flow’s rate. However, it gives our customers confidence in the amount they will receive.

In some cases, fixed-rate exchanges have lower rate but the opposite is also possible.

After you’ve picked the Fixed Rate flow, you create an exchange and make a deposit. You have 20 minutes to deposit your exchange funds; during that time, we guarantee that the rate won’t change in any way. You will receive the exact amount that was displayed to you.

You may choose the fixed rate flow if you would like to be certain that the amount of crypto you’ll receive will stay the same, no matter what. With fixed rate exchanges, our users enjoy the stability of their conversions and are safe from sudden rate drops.

In some cases, fixed-rate exchanges have lower rate but the opposite is also possible.

Translations in the Bitcoin system may be in a state of “Unconfirmed Transaction” for a long time. Most often this is due to the fact that one of the operations does not take long. According to the rules of the Bitcoin network, such a problem translation is attached to another block and then follows the standard procedure.

When you make an application, you will receive on your monitor exact instructions on what payment you must indicate when making a payment. If this note is not indicated, then we reserve the right to return the amount to the requisites indicated in the application. The procedure can take up to 6 days. At the same time, all commissions are charged to the client.

Please keep in mind that our deposit addresses for BTC conform to the SegWit standard.

It’s technically impossible for ChangeNOW to withdraw any coins except for BTC from SegWit BTC addresses since neither BCH, LTC, or BSV support SegWit at the moment.

When it comes to refunds, note that ChangeNOW’s technical department is able to refund only BTC from SegWit BTC addresses. No other crypto assets, including but not limited to LTC, BSV, BCH sent to a SegWit BTC address could be refunded.

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