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Token Allocation

InterLedgerSwap will use the funds raised from stages of
contribution to cover development costs, partners, listing token on the major exchanges and beginning marketing.
The funds will also help the project to stay on track with the
activities lined up for this year, which include the development of the
primary exchange and own XLS Blockchain ecosystem.

Available For Public
Team & Partners
Further Development & Exchange Listings

Token Details

XLS is official token of

Benefits for XLS holders

– Automatic Liqudity (for buy 2% and to sell 3%).
 some time.
– Hold XLS & lower your trading fee from 6,5% to 0,4% on p2p exchange (ask for link).

How Interledger solves problems?

Solve relying ok cenralize exchanges that limit withdrawals, transfers, and avoid regulations.
Swap crypto to crypto wordwide into any external wallet. (We do not hold your crypto it’s automatic swap in investor wallet)
Low fees on trading platform, each fee is based on per swap.
No login account needed, and no KYC. Users can swap crypto anonymously.
Our swap engine has all the coins that has liqudity.
Each transaction little of 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the token is being swapped.
XLS token has liqudity, that backed by utility providing crossboard payment worldwide & partneredship with institutions, banks & investors.
Fully Decentralized and are always growing our team and project to solve issues with our paper money. Which is highly inflated.
Our exchange does not allow mistakes, because it simply does not let you proceed if you enter the wrong address or the wrong network.



Denis Lukavačkić

Crypto Developer

Denis Lukavačkić is Precise and excellent in organizing work, managing staff & executing tasks. Since 2017 he participates and is a team member in various crypto projects. He is a Co-Founder & COO of Crypto Tron. Speak 5 languages and he is also crypto publisher at Publish0x. Denis is experienced seller for more than 10 years for the UK’s No1 Sports Retailer

Mikal Eastman


Founder of InterledgerSwap Decentralized Exchnage. A Crypto Enthusiast that has a passion for Crypto Currency and the community. Leading the crypto community and those that want to learn and grow with Crypto Investing and Developing.   

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